Free glow sticks with every print order!

By Winn Apple   |   Published August, 2012

This might sound enticing… if  you’re printing a party flyer.

Let’s say you’re not in the market for a party flyer; maybe your graphic designer is diligently working their creative fingers to the bone designing your Annual Report or Perfect Bound Book commemorating 70 years in business. Do you turn to the printer who specializes in club flyers?

Probably not.

Don’t misunderstand; plenty of creative genius can be poured into dreaming up these enticing announcements, but quite unlikely that any fancy footwork is required to print them. Send the file to the digital press and ten minutes later you’re good to go.  It needs to be quick and cheap; promoters leave them on windshields after all.

So we’ve established that shopping around for a quality printer requires a bit more investigating on your part than shopping underneath windshield wipers.

What do you look for?

Client list is a good indicator. Any reputable printer that knows his business has a fairly distinguished list of clients posted on their website.  If companies with a large budget and discriminating taste are utilizing their services, then they are certainly worth checking into.

The length of time in business says quite a bit about a printer, particularly in this strained market. Printers go under every day. If a printer has survived through the years, they undoubtedly have loyal clients who are pleased with the product and service.

Affordable but not at the cost of quality – for more complex jobs, you’ll likely shop around for price and get a few quotes. Many printers will work to meet your budget, so don’t hesitate contacting a printer because you assume they will be out of your price range. They will likely meet the price of other printers, assuming your quote isn’t dredged up from the bottom of the barrel – calculated by the aforementioned mentioned club flyer aficionado. Rest assured you get what you pay for.

Award winning is an excellent barometer. A printer who knows their stuff will want to shout it to the world. Printing, along with the multiple components such as binding, embossing, di-cutting, requires incredible skill and a high level of expertise to pull off beautifully. One of the most prestigious organizations for excellence in print and design is Visual Media Alliance. A great printer will have a few awards under their belt from these folks.

Testimonials can go a long way to instill a bit of confidence. There will be plenty of those posted on the website of an established leader in printing.

Customer Service is an absolute must. If you have a complex print job, you’ll have atleast a few interactions. If you’re pleased with the end result, you’ll be dealing with them again.

Printing can get pretty hairy with no shortage of mishaps waiting to happen. If you have an important project, trust it to someone who can aptly manage issues, should they arise.  A printer like Bacchus Press , that’s been around  32 years and counting, will take the worry out of printing, freeing up your time for more important things, like flipping through that stack of party flyers. Your weekend isn’t going to plan itself!

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