Necessity is the mother of invention…and cool stuff too!

By Winn Apple   |   Published Feb., 2012
The world of recycling is producing some rather ingenious creations. It’s a good thing too. Without the availability of products that savvy consumers, such as yourself, are itching to own, it would not be possible to create a strong market, therein completing the recycling process, aka “closing the loop”.

In my cyber travels, I have come across a plethora of companies offering everything from snappy and stylish home décor to hearty construction materials.

Let’s take a look at a few of these products and companies putting creative genius to work.

One of the coolest uses recycled mobile phonesfor recycled material comes from Smile Plastics. When they aren’t engaged in high tea, this UK based company is jodhpursdeep in rubbish – taking recycled plastics and other recycled materials and pressing them into sturdy sheets of building material.  They have created these durable building sheets using objects vast and wide ranging —  everything from second hand willies (slang for rubber boots), old coffee grinds from coffee shops, underground gas and water pipes, CD cases and Bank of England notes suspended in headlamp plastic.

My personal favorite is the sheet made of old cell phone cases .  Jolly well done ole chaps!

If you’re in the market for a super sleek, stain resistant countertop that has the look of soap stone or concrete check out Ecohaus. They offer a product called Squak Mountain Stone that fits this very description.

countertop made of recycled materialAs posted on their site, “This countertop was developed by a local entrepreneur as part of her master’s thesis. The basis of the project was to produce a building material made out of locally sourced and recycled materials. After graduation, she continued to work to commercialize the new material. The final result of her work is Squak Mountain Stone, a soapstone or limestone-like countertop material made out of Portland cement, waste flyash, waste glass dust, mixed waste paper, and pigments.”

It’s quite possible that after taking a gander at the Squak, you’re beginning to envision a kitchen renovation in your future. A company by the name of Homasote creates a variety of building materials whose content range from 98 – 46 percent post-consumer waste.

Their 440 Sound Barrier, which controls sound in floors, walls and ceilings, is comprised of more than 98 percent of post consumer waste.

Each year Homasote building products help conserve more than 1,370,000 trees and eliminate more than 100,000,000 pounds of solid waste each year.  On top of that, all water used to manufacture Homasote® products — hundreds of thousands of gallons per day — is completely recycled in a “closed loop” system.

Once you renovate, you’ll want to add a few stylish items to you delightfully sheik kitchen.

recycled has all your eco-friendly, home décor needs covered. What better way to illuminate your new kitchen countertops than with a lamp made from Tupperware? Or how about a few chairs crafted from old car tires to slouch in while you sip your morning joe?

The room just wouldn’t be complete without a fresh coat of eco-friendly paint from

Well, now that you’ve spruced the old girl up, you’ll undoubtedly want to invite all of your friends over to enjoy a delicious meal in your glorious new eco-friendly kitchen. Look no further friends; Bacchus Press is here to help you create your Certified Green invitations.  What better way to inspire a successful soiree!

Until next time, keep it Green!

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