Hello world, it’s me Bacchus P.

“Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Contemporary times are a call for speed or so it seems. Particularly in regards to information. Our culture is certainly not suffering from an information access deficiency. Unless you’re resigned to honing your quantum speed reading skills, you may drown in a sea of important and interesting topics.

Admittedly, topics associated with certified green printing may appear, on the surface, lackluster and not garner a space on your highly coveted top ten list of riveting explorations. But let me assure you I am quite capable of delivering bite-sized bits of useful material in a daffy manner which will leave you in feverish anticipation of my next entry.

As newly appointed Ambassador of Goodwill for Bacchus Press, my mission is to simultaneously lighten-up your day while feeding your brain with knowledge you never knew you hungered for – leaving you sexier and more appealing to everyone around you.

I invite you to join me here each month for my latest edition, which will send you sailing through hump day and deliver a happier version of you to Fridays’ happy hour – armed with a small arsenal of trivia to dole out while knocking back a few cold ones.

What’s on tap for next Month? Click here to get a sneak peak video. I warn, if you are able to resist, you may not be human!

Until next month, keep it Green.

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